Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Well, it has been a week of classes and homework. Its hard work, but its fun as well. I can tell that I am going to like it here. Although the expensive supplies have gotten to me. I have spent WAY too much money this week, and I have more to buy tomorrow. Ahhh!
I spent this weekend with some dear family friends, which was very much needed. I also went to a party with Lauren, as well as a crazy amount of CCS students. I met new people, danced, and had a great time. I actually met a guy who went to the Detroit Waldorf school!! (the same kind of school I went to all my life.) I was, I still am amazed that I met him. It was crazy. We were in a group talking and we both mentioned that we had gone to a different kind of school, and I asked if he knew what Waldorf was and he freaked out saying that he went k-8 at Waldorf. I think I may have found a new best friend! Hahaha. He is a great guy. He actually has a book that will be coming out within the next year, which is totally awesome. Anyways, the party was great and I really enjoyed myself.
Today has been a lazy Sunday. Slept in, had brunch, and did homework for a couple of hours. Now I'm just hanging out in my room, debating whether or not to take a nap. Tehe. I figure that if i do, I can do homework later, since I don't have class till 12:45 tomorrow. =]

....I think I just might take that nap. Later!

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